4 Reasons Every General Contractor
Needs a Certified Chimney Technician

Let’s face it: as a project manager, you have a lot on your plate. Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to make your job easier? If the answer is yes—and it probably is—consider using a certified chimney technician. Here’s what you get:

Access to a wealth of specialized knowledge

Properly certified technicians will be educated and trained from leading industry organizations, such as Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) or National Fireplace Institute (NFI). Both organizations are dedicated to the continued education of safety, proper installation, and care and maintenance of fireplaces. They develop technicians who are bound by an industry code of ethics and require that all technicians pass a certification exam, and to remain certified, technicians must accumulate Continuing Education Units (CEUs). They can answer any question you have about fireplaces and chimneys.

Peace of mind

Hire a certified technician and rest assured, the fireplace units on your project will be installed under the strictest safety guidelines and clearances. The units will adhere to international building codes, local jurisdictions regulations, and manufacturer’s requirements. Knowing that all your legal bases are covered will undoubtedly help you sleep at night. Technicians can also assist with the placement of fuel delivery systems and venting applications.

Big savings—your time and your money

Hiring a company that uses certified technicians can save you big bucks and hours of research—and will definitely eliminate a few headaches. Here is a great example: 1st Choice Chimney (a Dallas-area company that uses certified chimney technicians) saved a general contractor hundreds of thousands of dollars by solving venting issues. The technicians worked on a project where the fireplace units that were originally selected would have cost an additional $200,000 in additional buildout to install properly. But the 1st Choice team came in with a better option that saved a ton of money and delivered a sleek, high-end model. The ventilation issues were solved and an additional build out was eliminated from the multi-million-dollar residences. Everyone won.

Proactive problem solving

Certified technicians will work with other subcontractors to give guidance and answer questions. That way, fewer problems will arise and nothing will inhibit the safety and function of the fireplace units. Good technicians are up-to-date on manufacturer’s specifications and research international and local codes that can help ensure all proper installation requirements. It’s hard for something to go wrong when someone has anticipated any possible problems. For instance, when installing a Spark linear burner fireplace unit for a customer, the 1st Choice technician was able to identify a framing situation. It would have impeded the life span of the Spark fireplace, costing the developer thousands of dollars. And it’s not always about money; aesthetics also come into play. Does your client want their flat-screen TV above the fireplace? Technicians at 1st Choice help with design suggestions so electronic appliances can safely be placed around the fireplace.

If you’d like to learn more about working with NFI- and CSIA-certified technicians, call 1st Choice Chimney Commercial at 817-888-8156, or visit 1stChimney.com.